the ethics of spearfishing (a quick overview)

This is the microphone I use:
This is my dive mask (with gopro mount):
These are my carbon fiber dive fins:
Great book about learning how to spearfish:
Amazing book about freediving, the ocean, and our connection to these things as humans:
Interesting read on how it’s scientifically proven that being near, in, on or under water can make you happier, healthier, more connected, and better at what you do:
This book is all about big fish, where to find them, and how to spear them. Written by a spearfishing OG, it will inspire you to explore the world, searching for big fish:
William Trubridge can dive to over 100 meters (330 feet) on a single breath of air, without wearing fins. This well-written autobiography explores his journey to become one of the deepest diving humans in the history of the world, and also helps show the potential that we all have inside of ourselves to dive deep, if we practice:
Finally, this book tells a tragic tale of an extremely talented freediver and how dangerous this sport can be, if not practiced safely:
***If you want to learn how to freedive or spearfish, DO NOT TRY IT ALONE. I recommend signing up for a freediving course to learn how to dive safely and find a buddy do dive with 🤙🤙******
Spearfishing Bali Indonesia


  1. Vision YT

    Vision YT3 hours ago

    At least you don’t have to eat the leaf of a vegan teacher

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    a j4 hours ago

    Do you like the vegan teacher

  3. Greasy hobo91

    Greasy hobo915 hours ago

    I’m more than likely wrong.. But I remember reading that fish lack the brain capacity to feel pain, so is it unethical to kill what is basically a higher order vegetable? Plus the fish is probably just gonna go get eaten by whale, or... A horse

  4. Gaston Capdeville

    Gaston Capdeville7 hours ago

    I think spear fishing is cool

  5. The Phantom

    The Phantom7 hours ago

    Awww your such a good person

  6. sam g

    sam g7 hours ago

    If you eat fish that eat fish can I hunt you, a man who eats fish who eat fish?

  7. MescalineMan

    MescalineMan9 hours ago

    Its a fucking fish who cares lmao

  8. The pans birb

    The pans birb10 hours ago

    Well I don’t have the energy to spear fish I will stick to regular fishing

  9. Andriy Shapovalov

    Andriy Shapovalov11 hours ago

    I can't believe so many people buy in you BS how it's more sustainable. Probably those who doesn't do math well in school...

  10. nick

    nick10 hours ago

    It’s more sustainable because they aren’t killing hundreds at a time, they get around 5 to eat and call it a day.

  11. soul bearer

    soul bearer11 hours ago

    As much as I like your stuff why the vegan teacher

  12. Wj Chuah

    Wj Chuah13 hours ago

    Don't act like u like the ocean, u don't pick up the trash in last video

  13. liljhomicidel69

    liljhomicidel6913 hours ago

    Living off the land is not cruel its called survival of the fittest we are part of this world just like everything else

  14. Moi

    Moi15 hours ago

    Man you didn't need to cite the vegan teacher, that part just made the video bad because it seems like you need approval from vegans for what you do. Just do your thing dude, don't mind the vegans. Hunting for animals is natural.

  15. Jamie Gaskins

    Jamie Gaskins15 hours ago

    People against commercial fishing are idiots. No matter where you are geographically there’s some ass clown trying to keep people from making money so they can bullshit around themselves

  16. E G

    E G15 hours ago

    Don't say that the vegan teacher approves. It makes your videos hard to keep watching. Especially when she wanted to Call people the hard R, N word

  17. Joshua Bonner

    Joshua Bonner15 hours ago

    RIP bunny 🐰

  18. Joshua Jim

    Joshua Jim16 hours ago

    But know that there more plants out there that if you eat you die, but you can just about eat any type of animal.

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  20. Yuki oh

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    I Hate the vegan teacher lmao

  21. Nova Somasu

    Nova SomasuDay ago

    "Imagine if a giant,strange looking alien did that to you" Ok so I was majorly on drugs

  22. Asher i think ?

    Asher i think ?Day ago

    I can't relate because I'm a vegetarian

  23. Christopher

    ChristopherDay ago

    Who cares what the vegan teacher thinks. She preaches being banned from tiktok is a violation of freedom of speech. And then turns of comments on her USlikes videos...

  24. Jacob Aldridge

    Jacob AldridgeDay ago

    Hunting is the same way, if you hunt ethically. It's better than buying meat at the market.

  25. Jose Herrera

    Jose HerreraDay ago

    "Happy Vegan Declaration Day"! ah, so a regular day then.

  26. Fats ‘N’ Dinks Fishin’

    Fats ‘N’ Dinks Fishin’Day ago

    Also, fish do not have pain receptors and so when you fish, bow-fish, or spear-fish, the fish only enters a state of shock. Fish are also an essential part of the human diet, providing essential “fatty acids”.

  27. Justin French

    Justin FrenchDay ago

    New idea for a spear gun, spear mini gun

  28. Zeev Sierra

    Zeev SierraDay ago

    Yep you right


    TJose TEDDYJOSEDay ago

    We just going to ignore how the bunny got shredded. Idk what it is bunny or a baby lamb.

  30. Turquoise Moss

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    "The racist sociopath fired teacher agree with me guys so that means you can count on my words guys, guys why arent you listening to me guys, its credited by her guys trust me I'm right guys"

  31. Micro Z02

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    It’s a joke lmaooo

  32. D.A.I yt

    D.A.I ytDay ago

    That karen teacher: approved... Everyone

  33. Alex Bourg

    Alex BourgDay ago

    Now imagine 7.8 Billion people individuallly going off shore and diving for fish everyday. Doesn't sound so sustainable now does it?

  34. CountyGold40

    CountyGold4021 hour ago

    Yea but that doesnt happen

  35. Win Tutorials

    Win TutorialsDay ago

    But do we need to? Is it ethical because we are made to do it?

  36. Aovax

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  37. Chris Pringle

    Chris PringleDay ago

    Commercial fishing is so regulated now its difficult for fishermen to stay in business. People other than you like to go out and eat seafood that don't like to dive. The environmental wackos outlawed gill nets here in Fl. and they are the most selective gear available, almost no by catch. Sensible gear makes a difference, but it has to be commercially viable. Other countries, mostly communist, and socialist countries are the ones doing the most damage to our seas. Development and over population in areas are causing pollution problems that exacerbate water quality issues. Red tide, algae blooms,etc. Red tide in Fl. kill millions more fish than fishermen ever could. Don't lump all commercial fishermen together, I'm not the problem.

  38. Fluffy Duck 2000

    Fluffy Duck 2000Day ago

    The one time that I like That Vegan Teacher

  39. The Bloody Talker

    The Bloody TalkerDay ago

    Fish are basically brain dead. Fucking pathetic.

  40. The Hunter

    The HunterDay ago

    Still two wrongs don't make a right, especially when you use a literal floating garbage pile to hunt fish, you try and be more clean than commercial fishing but when given the opportunity you past by it, used to like that videos, very cool to watch but lost ya respect though

  41. The Hunter

    The HunterDay ago

    You lost me at vegan teacher, never being her up, she's lost all of her cred ability

  42. fazbear fun

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    Im vegan soooo i agree with him

  43. fazbear fun

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    He is the vegan teacher's boyfriend

  44. Christian Bennett

    Christian Bennett2 days ago

    If you think about it if commercial fishing stopped and everyone started spear fishing it would make no difference

  45. CountyGold40

    CountyGold4021 hour ago

    That wouldnt happen tho. How would 8 billion people all live in costal areas

  46. DeadRaven

    DeadRaven2 days ago

    Wish i could actually do this, spear fishing seems like fun and I'd love to be able to go and get my fish from the source instead of from the grocery because that shit is filthy

  47. Tonja Auyeung

    Tonja Auyeung2 days ago

    I mean technically in the Manga/Anime “The Promised Neverland” Conny does get impaled with like a stick or something when Emma and Norman find her body in the truck. Then these giant freaking demons eat her (I still cry at that freaking seen) dunno random weeb reference

  48. SgtMorningWood 22

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    Honestly dude we dont give a fuck what the vegan teacher thinks

  49. FyreFly

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    It was a joke

  50. Preston Deal

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    If the vegan teacher likes it, I don’t

  51. Nova

    Nova2 days ago

    Hunting is basically the same as spear fishing just with a real gun and on land so why she got a problem with that

  52. Jorge Torres Franco

    Jorge Torres Franco2 days ago

    Couldn’t say it any better than that props man more people need to listen to this

  53. Avery Pearson

    Avery Pearson2 days ago

    Fish don’t feel pain that’s scientifically proven

  54. Alchemist

    Alchemist2 days ago

    Okay but ThatVeganTeacher is a fuckin lunatic

  55. Azriel imran

    Azriel imran2 days ago

    I'm not vegan but watching the wolves eat that rabbit kinda made me sad

  56. Dylan Mehalcik

    Dylan Mehalcik2 days ago

    This guy gotta explain in like every other video that him fishing his own dinner is not cruel, it's an honest shame how soft people can be. Fish away sir, looks fun and delicious.

  57. ImmuneThunder 67

    ImmuneThunder 672 days ago

    Fish feel no pain

  58. James Mercer

    James Mercer2 days ago

    It’s not cruel it’s the circle of life cruel is shooting g an ani ale or spearing a fish and leaving it to bless out slowly

  59. The Doge Slayer

    The Doge Slayer2 days ago

    U made her agree with u on killing animals

  60. Rack-em-up Gaming

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    The vegan teacher sucks

  61. Lindsay Montoya

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    Can you see the fish in there swimming and do you have a long line

  62. Gabe_is_GDLY GDLY

    Gabe_is_GDLY GDLY2 days ago

    Who cares. Food's food. The literal only way to stop fishing is to destroy the human doing it. Nobody that fishes watched this and thought, "you know what? Im not gonna eat fish anymore. Lent will have to change and fish needs to come off the menu." It is seriously laughable. Personally, I use a stringer that puts a hole on their lips. I can keep a fair amount of fish hooked to a rope in the water so they stay alive a lot longer. That way when i prepare them all up for freezing they stay as fresh as possible. No i don't care what they are thinking lmfao.

  63. Noel Dev

    Noel Dev2 days ago

    POV: you are looking for peapole saying it's cruel

  64. Rontube4

    Rontube43 days ago

    Id be so ok with banning commercial fishing. Why?! Well bc id like to see about 40% of the human population vanish and a lack of food for purchase sounds like a good start. :)

  65. Zach Prows

    Zach Prows3 days ago

    Birds? Outta all the shit dogs actually chase on the regular ur brain went to birds? That was obviously something u wrote down and had that weird 60yo toddler give the once over since she agreed with ur weird analogy is it because she seems like she has several cats named human names and a couple r even Jr's? Hence neither of u know shit about dogs? Is that lady ur GF? I bet she has children's book in the bathroom but no kids huh? I bet she enjoys finger painting as a hobby huh?

  66. BitterGourd さ

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    I Love how you put the vegan teacher on your

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    Nooooooooo the dog killed the cat!!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  68. Jake Shumway

    Jake Shumway3 days ago

    It’s just a fish honestly I don’t get how you can cry over that a dumb but delicious fish

  69. Son of a Quack

    Son of a Quack14 hours ago

    @CountyGold40 well....can’t say I’m not surprised with the cow least you’re consistent with it like your last part than a lot of other people I’ve met.....I can respect that. Also, I never said they didn’t taste good

  70. Son of a Quack

    Son of a Quack14 hours ago

    @Jake Shumway oh, I was bringing up that brain size thing for fun. But they do feel pain. “Fish do feel pain. It’s likely different from what humans feel, but it is still a kind of pain.” -from the Smithsonian Magazine. Better source than Wikipedia I guess. Or maybe not.

  71. Son of a Quack

    Son of a Quack14 hours ago

    @Very Bored Man “Fish do feel pain. It’s likely different from what humans feel, but it is still a kind of pain.” -from the Smithsonian Magazine. Better source than Wikipedia I guess. Or maybe not.

  72. CountyGold40

    CountyGold4021 hour ago

    @Son of a Quack I have no emotional connection to a cow or fish like I woild with a dog. Also meat tastes good. And there isnt really a difference between a fish and cow in terms of being ethical.

  73. Jake Shumway

    Jake Shumway2 days ago

    @Son of a Quack yeah fish don’t feel pain and brain size has nothing to do with intelligence it’s the size of your prefrontal cortex

  74. Logan Frigon

    Logan Frigon3 days ago

    Spearfishing is to meet two things a you get a far better for you fish than buying a farm grown fish and b the fish lived a much better life than a farm grown fish

  75. Dave Kelder

    Dave Kelder3 days ago

    Ugh vegan teacher -puked in my mouth- you all should get a better rep then her theres i reason she beem banned of tiktok.

  76. fsanchez5403

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    I don't like that lady. So im not watching your videos anymore. Thanksbye

  77. Son of a Quack

    Son of a Quack3 days ago

    Lol are you kidding me? Some people are really that dumb. It’s an obvious joke.

  78. I eat ass

    I eat ass3 days ago

    I like this, vegan extremists need to understand this

  79. Son of a Quack

    Son of a Quack3 days ago

    Yeah, I love fish. And I always try to stand for their rights as they always get overlooked as dumb animals that can’t feel pain. But this is sustainable and relatively humane.

  80. Alexandria V

    Alexandria V3 days ago

    If you had a big enough gun could you get a small shark and if you can how big would the gun be

  81. Phantomgasher

    Phantomgasher3 days ago

    I wish I was speared by an alien

  82. The Die Negative

    The Die Negative3 days ago

    Dumb the reason god created fish in the first place is for us to eat them. Not to let them reproduce to such an extent and just leave them be. The sole reason they are ALIVE is se we can eat them. Besides if we didnt they would probably reproduce to such an extent and eventually surpass the human population and take over the world. That goes for all livestock too not just fish. But I am against the way the animals are treated cruelly in industrial farms for their whole lives then brutally slaughtered in a disgusting manner.

  83. Mr Person Man Thing

    Mr Person Man Thing3 days ago

    There is an estimated 3,500,000,000,000 fish in the ocean. They've already surpassed us by the billions.

  84. Anthony Ortiz

    Anthony Ortiz3 days ago

    Bruh no one cares. Any animal in the world would kill a human and never think of it again why so people get so emotional.

  85. Mr Person Man Thing

    Mr Person Man Thing3 days ago

    It's our empathetic nature as a social species. We often put ourselves in the shoes of others, even if they are from a different species.

  86. WowSuchEmpty

    WowSuchEmpty3 days ago

    Vegan teacher is braindead...

  87. Afloatcolt 7761

    Afloatcolt 77613 days ago

    I’m super jolious of your lifestyle

  88. Poké-Myth

    Poké-Myth3 days ago

    That began teacher was banned

  89. Noor Abraham

    Noor Abraham3 days ago

    Fun fact fish don't feel the kind of pain we feel they likely feel something close to what we feel but not quite when attacked

  90. Very Bored Man

    Very Bored Man2 days ago

    @Son of a Quack explain

  91. Son of a Quack

    Son of a Quack3 days ago

    They do, it’s just a different kind than we feel

  92. JoshJourneys

    JoshJourneys3 days ago

    For thoose who do not know the other definition of a "bitch" the other definition is a female dog.

  93. Amelia Mae

    Amelia Mae4 days ago

    Eating meat isnt bad. Why do people think that its bad

  94. Lil Man

    Lil Man4 days ago

    So why doesn't that vegan teacher eat us???

  95. D Williams

    D Williams4 days ago

    I agree with ur point it’s in our dna 🧬 to hunt our own food but for those who don’t or can’t hunt commercial fishing feed hundreds of ppl soo it’s better in a way where is u hunt for ur self they hunt for everyone but I do agree it is nice to know u can hunt ur own food

  96. Semaj Harris

    Semaj Harris4 days ago

    Why do you care what she thinks

  97. Water Sheep

    Water Sheep4 days ago

    Bruh, it's a fish. It's literally here for us to eat. I don't really care what way you fish as long as you don't go psychotic (purposely hurting some fish for no reason) with it.

  98. Son of a Quack

    Son of a Quack3 days ago

    I mean, why are fish here for us to eat but land animals aren’t. I don’t believe that land animals are like superior to fish really.

  99. Anderson Lenga

    Anderson Lenga4 days ago

    No one cares what she thinks anyway

  100. Eastern Asia

    Eastern Asia4 days ago

    I disagree with your point about instinct. Humans are vastly different from dogs. Due to our intelligence, a lot of "instincts" aren't instincts, are instead taught. It's not always true, but a good rule of thumb is the higher the intellect of a species, the less instincts there are and vise versa

  101. whysosyria1

    whysosyria14 days ago

    I know its Indonesia, is there a size and bag limits or is it a free for all?

  102. BuTTThunder

    BuTTThunder4 days ago

    Once again, fish cant feel pain

  103. BuTTThunder

    BuTTThunder3 days ago

    @SettlerkingNo, actually there brains are not complex enough to precept pain, therefore they cant feel it.

  104. Settlerking

    Settlerking3 days ago

    Fish feel pain, this is a myth. They have different nerve systems but they still feel pain.

  105. damon2772nomad

    damon2772nomad4 days ago

    Have you ever had a barracuda come back after you, after you spear it? I've heard stories about this...😳

  106. J Reed

    J Reed4 days ago

    I like your content homie but pls don’t use the vegan teacher as a reference

  107. Just Who

    Just Who4 days ago

    I see people in the comments on how it's still cruel, Go complain about other fishing methods of suffocating the fish in piles But you don't do you, you don't actually care so stop complaing

  108. Hunter Anderson

    Hunter Anderson4 days ago

    Yeah you got to also realize when you eat vegetables how do you make all those from poop can you get that from animals and poop isn't good for water because where's all that you know when or going to go either in the sewer which leads to the ocean and or a lake nearby which all that minore's going to turn into algae and then it's going to stay on top and kill all the coral reef which also kills the fish so there really isn't a good way to eat food either way is bad or good I mean what you do is very good if we all did that maybe we could have healthy diet and we could also farmer-owned animals and you know make it less cruel

  109. TheZenXilin

    TheZenXilin4 days ago

    Please stop with the Vegan teacher, Veganism's fine and all, but shes crazy

  110. Mr. Fish 69

    Mr. Fish 694 days ago

    Imagine making sure the vegan teacher is OK with it 😏

  111. davy Jones

    davy Jones4 days ago

    Yo question in spear fishing Are you allowed to hunt down and many invasive fish as you want?

  112. Screams-of Genius

    Screams-of Genius4 days ago

    I can agree on what he says. You know.... ive always woundered how the world would be with only tribal practices and no metro

  113. TheDeadVanVlogger

    TheDeadVanVlogger4 days ago

    You should really stop associating yourself with the vegan teacher. She’s fucking bonkers.

  114. Grant A

    Grant A4 days ago

    Sharks bears wolves pumas etc all take out people. Nature is brutal, its only fair that we take things to eat also.

  115. That 1 Guy

    That 1 Guy4 days ago

    Humans aren’t successful as a species because we are gods at eating we are successful because of our intelligence

  116. Tj R

    Tj R4 days ago

    Finally vegan teacher was banned from tiktoc

  117. mastoid45

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    Thank God, I thought vegan teacher had a USlikes channel.

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  119. Vorname Nachname

    Vorname Nachname4 days ago

    That moment when you first heard: "Is spearfishing cool?" "Yes, you are literally impaling them with a sharp metal spear and eating their bodies, it's extremely cool!"

  120. doggo who rates music

    doggo who rates music4 days ago

    I like u and the fact u make fun of the vegan witch