I Failed Card Swipe 30+ Times LIVE In Front Of 200k People And All My Friends

it was my first ever Among Us livestream and I was nervous
Jacksepticeye: www.twitch.tv/jacksepticeye
Fuslie: www.twitch.tv/fuslie
Sykkuno: www.twitch.tv/sykkuno
Wendy: www.twitch.tv/natsumiii
Pokimane: www.twitch.tv/pokimane
CHARLIE: www.twitch.tv/moistcr1tikal
Lilypichu: www.twitch.tv/lilypichu
Toast: DisguisedToast
Scarra: www.twitch.tv/scarra
Pewdiepie: uslikes.info
THUMBNAIL BY: sharkyshoo
EDITOR: Otriggad


  1. Art by JMD

    Art by JMD37 minutes ago

    It’s been a long time since the last time I became a simp so imma be a simp for corpse now

  2. Tanner Easterling

    Tanner Easterling43 minutes ago

    His voice is so low whales talk to him

  3. Amie Mcconnell

    Amie Mcconnell59 minutes ago

    Card machine: too fast. try again. corpse: hmm why isn't it working🤔 **proceeds to swipe at same speed**

  4. Nathan Beaulieu

    Nathan BeaulieuHour ago

    Sykkuno looks like he’s always sus

  5. BriannaBanana

    BriannaBananaHour ago

    Watching him swipe the card the same speed every time makes me want to scream lmao

  6. The True Otaku Swordsman

    The True Otaku SwordsmanHour ago


  7. julia

    julia2 hours ago

    I love how he listed all the players in his description!

  8. Avocado Addict

    Avocado Addict2 hours ago

    I can't swipe right either 😆😆😭😭

  9. Rice Cum

    Rice Cum2 hours ago

    You can always tell when it's poki cus she'll start slurring her words and say "I think" a lot

  10. Crankthattulle

    Crankthattulle2 hours ago

    Card swipe: exists Corpse: *sobs *

  11. Addicted To YouTube

    Addicted To YouTube3 hours ago

    Me shouting at my phone: SLOWER CORPSE CMON SLOWER!! S L O W E R ! Cmon corpseeeee!”

  12. Thunda K

    Thunda K3 hours ago

    He is a BROKEN MAN

  13. Ben Duck

    Ben Duck3 hours ago

    4:40 Scarra deep breath

  14. Ryan Folkestad

    Ryan Folkestad3 hours ago

    Corpse card is easy lol. Hold it, barely slide to the right, then swipe it like you do. Works every time

  15. Alexis Mikaelson

    Alexis Mikaelson4 hours ago

    His laugh makes me so happy. I’m crying 🥺🖤

  16. ShineBum Moies

    ShineBum Moies4 hours ago


  17. That bitch Go Pew

    That bitch Go Pew5 hours ago

    Bro his voice..😏

  18. Ela Gozlugol

    Ela Gozlugol5 hours ago

    Hey guys Im here to tell you about this hacker called Eris Loris he has hacked many servers for I highly recomend to not create a game or play among us till november pleae dont be scared if he says he will hack you he will not thanks for listening stay safe!

  19. daddy krabby

    daddy krabby5 hours ago

    never had a crush on corpse until this vid

  20. bayou bandito

    bayou bandito5 hours ago

    this is the weirdest way to describe the speed you should swipe but,, pretend you have a food you really like but you kind of want to savour it but not too slow cuz you’re hungry imagine the speed you would sink your teeth into it. that’s the speed

  21. Fortnite GamesPG

    Fortnite GamesPG5 hours ago

    At first it wa mad funny then I was like just swipe it dude

  22. it'sjust izzy

    it'sjust izzy5 hours ago

    I hate swiping the card in among us

  23. lil sheep lost in an island

    lil sheep lost in an island5 hours ago


  24. FuryClawz De Deputy Wolf

    FuryClawz De Deputy Wolf5 hours ago


  25. Jordan Prouse

    Jordan Prouse6 hours ago

    Where is toasts face

  26. KT Cat Boop

    KT Cat Boop6 hours ago

    Watching him do card swipe is making me emotional

  27. Kira_cookie XXX

    Kira_cookie XXX7 hours ago

    I can swip the card one my fist try and get it right it's really easy.........noobs

  28. Ash

    Ash7 hours ago

    Corpse is an adorable little baby and we need to protect him

  29. Ash

    Ash7 hours ago

    He deserves all the forehead kisses in the world

  30. Abdullah Amin

    Abdullah Amin7 hours ago

    Corpse: the most horrifying and successful imposter mankind has seen. Also corpse: can't swipe a F**KING card.


    KFGSHFDGJDS7 hours ago

    I'mma take a shot everytime corpse fails card swipe

  32. sxphinx

    sxphinx7 hours ago

    unrelated but leslie’s kitten 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  33. Thea

    Thea7 hours ago

    12:18 when leslie said poopy and pewds laughed at it made me laugh

  34. qwq ithinkimdying

    qwq ithinkimdying7 hours ago

    The amount of amazement in courpses " oh my- holy sh*t " when he finished the card swipe

  35. Thea

    Thea7 hours ago

    Sykkuno is like a bubble head figure the way he constantly nods his head

  36. Ty Nuebel

    Ty Nuebel8 hours ago

    It is so painful watching corpse fail card swipe so many times

  37. fuckbounce

    fuckbounce8 hours ago

    postal dude?

  38. Joka Shitalker

    Joka Shitalker8 hours ago

    Swipe card: too fast Corpse: * SWIPES FASTER *

  39. Actually Derek

    Actually Derek8 hours ago

    Pop smoke?

  40. Kaitlyn M

    Kaitlyn M8 hours ago

    I’m getting anxiety from how fast you are swiping the card!!!

  41. eliana rivero

    eliana rivero9 hours ago

    bruh i knew it was charlie from the start cus corpse passed purple in the hallway between 02 and nav then purple was dead. but charlie reported it so it was either him or someone vented away after killing

  42. savannah albrecht

    savannah albrecht9 hours ago

    I thought this was funny until I played for the first time and I can't flipping do the card swipe for my life

  43. Anne Marie

    Anne Marie9 hours ago

    When you finally swiped the card, I just started applauding. 😅😅 I was so proud of you. I have such a hard time on card swipe every time.

  44. Duckylogy

    Duckylogy9 hours ago

    never heard corpse laugh

  45. Sum Dum

    Sum Dum9 hours ago

    Hhh yor doing it to fast

  46. Vanaris

    Vanaris9 hours ago

    corpse you must do the card swipe a litel bit more slower

  47. Jagdflieger

    Jagdflieger9 hours ago

    Sykkuno: I don't think corpse would fail a task 3 times Corpse: I actually failed it 15 times Sykkuno: I believe you, I believe you Corpse Simpkuno at it again xD

  48. Canadian Bro

    Canadian Bro10 hours ago

    *Pewds is also playing? LoL*

  49. Amy Jolley

    Amy Jolley10 hours ago

    Watching Corpse struggle makes me just wanna give him a hug omg

  50. Katla Nietzschmann

    Katla Nietzschmann10 hours ago

    for a second during the first meeting i was wondering why CORPSE didn't have a facecam..

  51. uhh

    uhh11 hours ago

    my question is why does he not just..... go slower 😭

  52. Twisted8ight

    Twisted8ight11 hours ago

    I love that Pewds has the worst video quality in this. xD

  53. ツagdriel

    ツagdriel11 hours ago

    i dont understand how people fuck up card swipe

  54. Draco's Wifeu

    Draco's Wifeu11 hours ago

    But how the fuck no one noticed he faked an asteroids task at the very beginning I-

  55. Isolation B

    Isolation B11 hours ago

    uslikes.info This is real channel

  56. dayrol MnM

    dayrol MnM11 hours ago

    Lmfao i played with this guy corpse 🤣 everyone thought he was using a voice changer.

  57. dark dreamer253

    dark dreamer25311 hours ago

    When corpse swipes at the speed of light, the card swiper tells him he's going to fast, but he keeps swiping at the speed of light anyway

  58. Allyce R

    Allyce R11 hours ago

    The music here is just... amazingly spot on

  59. Carson Smith

    Carson Smith12 hours ago

    Gravelly voice go brrrrrr

  60. TheDragon

    TheDragon12 hours ago

    Easy way to do the swipe: keep going till half, then go back towards left then swipe full

  61. Inigo Montoya

    Inigo Montoya12 hours ago

    These guys make Charlie look really smart..they are just almost always wrong especially Pewds

  62. Dan MM

    Dan MM12 hours ago

    Same fam. Same.

  63. Shirley Lumielle

    Shirley Lumielle12 hours ago

    Corpse: keep failing on swipe card Me: very entertained of it. 😂

  64. Lala Lala

    Lala Lala13 hours ago


  65. Mattias Geary

    Mattias Geary13 hours ago

    Card swipe is so easy, I do it first or second try every time

  66. Maia Pantelidis

    Maia Pantelidis13 hours ago

    For card swipe swipe back and forth 4 times😋

  67. Annaaru

    Annaaru14 hours ago

    attention seeking by being overly bad at doing a simple ass task

  68. Sparkling French Fries

    Sparkling French Fries14 hours ago

    corpse here is tip for you. swipe the card four times as fast as possible and it will be done

  69. Jos Love

    Jos Love14 hours ago

    sonic the hedgehog movie

  70. namek jawa

    namek jawa14 hours ago

    what he said during 7:03 -7:05?

  71. si_Bimo 8B

    si_Bimo 8B14 hours ago

    And now congrats your failed 30+ swipe card in front of 3 Milion people:>

  72. Extazy 2.0

    Extazy 2.014 hours ago

    Interesting facts about CORPSE -The most skilled and deadliest imposter in among us universe -cant even swipe a card properly...

  73. Ethan James Sephiroth Aragon Hosteenez Rai Wheeler

    Ethan James Sephiroth Aragon Hosteenez Rai Wheeler14 hours ago

    Muted Jack screaming at the very start ( 0:00 ) is the funniest shit I've ever seen

  74. Galaxy Potato

    Galaxy Potato16 hours ago

    I Want Your Voice 💀✨

  75. tweety exe

    tweety exe16 hours ago

    Charlie's facecam looks as if its dead even though it isnt xD

  76. LLy

    LLy16 hours ago

    I hate cards swipe😀😀 cards swipe doesn't like me

  77. Bright_Shadow

    Bright_Shadow16 hours ago

    Corpse being excited over finishing the card swipe is so cute 13:48

  78. Danger QD

    Danger QD17 hours ago


  79. Firass

    Firass17 hours ago

    CORPSE- how to do the swipe task you go slower then quicker

  80. Jacqueline Lee

    Jacqueline Lee17 hours ago

    This is why he is always the impostor

  81. bilishu aliss

    bilishu aliss17 hours ago

    for everyone wondering why he didn’t just swipe slower, it’s cause he has bad eyesight and couldn’t tell that the screen said ”Too Fast”

  82. KuudereLovesAnime

    KuudereLovesAnime18 hours ago

    Yesterday you were in the same server with me but you left after we found out you were a utuber i just wanted a shoutout

  83. Dan Globy

    Dan Globy18 hours ago

    I will pay to hear Corpse try sulfur hexafloride

  84. Geya

    Geya19 hours ago

    Imagine 10 secs for oxygen depletion 3 people(1 imposter) 1 task And that task is card swipe and its corpse 😂😂😂

  85. Geya

    Geya17 hours ago

    @bilishu aliss okay but how it it related to this comment😂😂.

  86. bilishu aliss

    bilishu aliss17 hours ago

    1:21 Theres a cat running under the bed in fuslies facecam in the back!

  87. IMRTL

    IMRTL19 hours ago

    Corpse : "I'm not ready to be imposter , Im fucking.....my hands are shaking"

  88. Nicole R

    Nicole R19 hours ago

    why is this the funniest thing though oh my gosh

  89. Abby Rosen

    Abby Rosen19 hours ago

    For the record it was 37 times, I counted lol.

  90. Gophershaggy

    Gophershaggy20 hours ago

    He couldn't do card swipe bcz he never played as a crewmate before

  91. No0bPlayer1008 [GD]

    No0bPlayer1008 [GD]20 hours ago

    Here's a Tip: *Take the card then swipe it 3 - 4 times quickly*

  92. SoloReaz

    SoloReaz21 hour ago

    rip Corspe's card swipes

  93. The Aussie Kid

    The Aussie Kid21 hour ago

    If you press space bar it opens the task so you can try it again faster

  94. Sara-Rachel Gauvin

    Sara-Rachel Gauvin21 hour ago

    How to one shot card swipe : slow till the end of the black arrow and than finished it fast.

  95. Fire_Rice

    Fire_Rice21 hour ago

    you sound like you have a voice changer xd

  96. Lia Cuba

    Lia Cuba22 hours ago

    corpses laugh when he fails the card swipe made me pass out, this is 7 hours after watching that-

  97. Rowan Ackley

    Rowan Ackley22 hours ago

    The first time I played among us, i was worried about the card swipe, and guess what, got it first fuckin try

  98. Vida

    Vida22 hours ago

    Sykunno and corpse are perfect couple.. sykunno always sticking up for corpse

  99. Under The Gamer Of The Second

    Under The Gamer Of The Second22 hours ago

    i have a suggestion incase your running out of ideas make a video of you saying random things cuz your voice is amazingtacularific (yes i made that word and yes anyone who if reading this can use it) put suggestions to wut he should say also sorry if this is a bad idea lol i just came up with it on the spot

  100. Under The Gamer Of The Second

    Under The Gamer Of The Second22 hours ago

    my suggestion is... rutabaga exotic butters its-a-meeya-corpseee

  101. Francis QWERTY

    Francis QWERTY23 hours ago

    my friends get mad i always get it 1st or 2nd try.

  102. DN957

    DN95723 hours ago

    1:21 Theres a cat running under the bed in fuslies facecam in the back!

  103. Megan Englehart

    Megan Englehart23 hours ago

    What game is the background song from 4:36 - 7:12 from? I have definitely heard before and I'm going nuts trying to figure out what it's from. I love the laugh by the way bro :)

  104. Cuddlacoo •

    Cuddlacoo •23 hours ago

    My talent is being able to do card swipe on the first task