Are you considering joining the electric bike revolution and want to know what the best new ebikes on the market have to offer? Electric bikes in 2021 will be more compact, lighter, faster, and designed better for the rider's individual needs. We have been paying close attention to the
exciting new arrivals on the scene in 2020.
Here are the most innovative electric bikes currently on our radar.
Intro 00:00 - 00:30
00:37 10. Tern GSD eBikes
01:49 9. Segway Dirt eBike x160 and x260
3:17 8. Jeep Electric Bike
4:30 7. HASE Tandem PINO STEPS 2021 - the new Pino
5:45 6. Grail:ON a lightweight, versatile gravel electric bike
World's first 3D-printed custom unibody carbon fiber composite bike and e-bike.
Honorable Mention
7:44 MIT Autonomous Bicycle
8:23 4. Juiced Hyperscorpion
9:08 3. YDX-Moro and the YDX Moro Pro Electric Bikes 2020 - 2021
10:09 2. Delfast Top 3.0, Prime and Off-road
10:53 1. Kellys Theos F series 2021
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    Chi Guftan? Man guftan konkretno!

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    I just bought Haibike xduro 2.0, it's a beast

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    want but don't have money.

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    BULLSHIT,that jeep aint going anywhere near 40 miles,it'll do 15 if you're lucky lmno

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    어디서 구매해요?

  12. Dinesh Shakya

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    Why are they expensive

  13. pipy nose

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    el problema de estos bichos es cuando se muere la bateria una reposicion de bateria sale lo mismo y la vida util es la mitad que la original, en pocas palabras compraste caro y muchos problemas

  14. Syed Abrar

    Syed Abrar2 months ago

    WhatsApp price in India want to purchase 3 bike


    MINDS EYE DESIGN2 months ago

    For your convenience the websites and prices are listed in the video description. Thanks for watching!

  16. B. Sukhbat

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    Sigway-copy Surron

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    The logical next step seems like self charging ebikes

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    No Drill One?

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  23. Charles Latora

    Charles Latora3 months ago

    How old is this video. there are full-blown no pedals required dirt bikes. oh sure at the moment we can't go 200 mi in a day, but Soo. And if you're going downhill on a on a bicycle why you need a bloody motor

  24. Lupo 89

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    The elastic bike in 2021 will be anything but cheap.

  25. eximinion

    eximinion3 months ago

    Cheaper to buy a moped or even motorcycle

  26. Brian Smith

    Brian Smith3 months ago

    So let me get this straight you take $100 bike and $100 motor $100 battery put them all together and magically the thing becomes worth $5,000 to $10,000 exactly what kind of drugs are you people on I would love to have an electric bike and I'm not paying that kind of money or something that won't even do the speed limit on most roads I can buy gas powered motorcycle for that kind of money and it'll drive on the interstate well over the speed limit if I would like

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    This is Awesome....

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    I wonder if Jeep will also provide a trailer so people can tow their hunting gear in and out on the back of the bike?

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    10,8,7,6,5,4,3,1 are trash

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    미래는 이동수단 소형화, 지구 지키는 길! 과도한 편함,과시주위 사라져야 한다.

  32. Jon Fitzgerald

    Jon Fitzgerald3 months ago

    The Bike I built from parts is faster, with a longer range and only cost about £1000? go figure!

  33. Jon Fitzgerald

    Jon Fitzgerald3 months ago

    It also has lights and indicators and a rack, twist throttle and pedal assist with 5 levels of power. Use your brains and build your own!

  34. Kory Alden

    Kory Alden3 months ago

    I feel like the narrator is the guy from Princess Bride.


    MINDS EYE DESIGN3 months ago

    Actually, he was in Starship Troopers III in 3D, along with a very memorable twelve second cameo being shot into the Sun trapped in a runaway Starpod playing a Stormtrotter in Spaceballs II Return of the Swartz.

  36. lace3 interterri

    lace3 interterri4 months ago

    Sería posible que fuera traducidos en idioma español es muy importante saber de los avances tecnológicos que para beneficio es de uno mismo , agradezco la atención 😊

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  38. K. M. Virginia

    K. M. Virginia4 months ago

    The Segway got a horrible review by someone who purchased it to evaluate it online for us. He really, really didn't like it. A couple of reasons I remember is it would only go about 12 miles on a charge instead of the 41 miles it claims for instance and you are locked out of speeds in excess of 9.1 mph until you watch a safety video. Seriously, check out some videos that truly evaluate e-bikes before you buy one, you will be glad you did..

  39. Robert Ybarra

    Robert Ybarra4 months ago

    Let me know when they make one affordable

  40. E B

    E B4 months ago

    I was born too late. I used to ride dirt bikes and mountain bikes. Especially enjoyed my honda xr500. However I always wished for an electric dirt bike so I could enjoy the forest trails in quiet and also remove some of the negative aspects of public perception (noise, exhaust). It just took too long for technology to arrive with viable options. I don't ride anymore.

  41. 73N5H1

    73N5H14 months ago

    "I was born too late because even though I could I actively choose not to"

  42. Joe Liquori

    Joe Liquori4 months ago

    Sign me up when the Ebikes reach $300

  43. Thomas Rustan

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    I wish

  44. Manuelbahm1 Manuelbahm1

    Manuelbahm1 Manuelbahm14 months ago

    Yes 90KM/H 72V 8000W enduro electric bicycle/Stealth bomber electric bicycle/Electric Motorcycle ₱32900

  45. Nisal Madawa

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    මේවා ගන්නේ කොහොමද

  46. keepthatenergythesame

    keepthatenergythesame4 months ago

    The segway is just a suron with segway stickers and those ranges are on its lowest speed setting

  47. Kingly00100

    Kingly001004 months ago

    Spend around $6000 on an electronic bicycle that can "push the limit" into motorcycle territory (20 - 50mph, lol) or just buy an actual 2021 XT250 yamaha dual sport motorcycle for $5200 new. Why do some of these even exist?

  48. Mark Job

    Mark Job4 months ago

    *Same old M.O. with you folks over at "Mind's Eye Design," eh ? Why don't you call yourselves "Eletists & Their Toys R Us," instead ? Who the hell can afford an electric bike which costs $10,000.00 USD ?! Perhaps this is a product targeted at Silicon Valley eletes ? Regular folks who must work for a living, and young working families cannot afford to drop 10K$ on ANY kind of bicycle ! There wasn't one bike on your list under $3,000.00 USD !! Oh wait a minute ? I lied ! There was one you showed which was retailing for $2,999.99 USD ! What an insult !! Yeah, showing dream electric and theoretical electric bicycles built entirely by robots is cool, but it doesn't reflect in any reasonable reality, buy any means imaginable, any product that any reasonable person would buy. Hmmmm ? Let's see ? If I had 10K$ USD disposable Dollars would I run out and spend it on an electric bicycle, or would most folks be looking at a down payment on a house, or perhaps a car, or paying off that pesky mortgage ? You people over at rich kids on youtube should come back to reality just a little, and show us some reasonably priced alternatives (Or at the very least put one or two your list) which the greater number of the general population can afford instead of this esoteric, conceptual, eletist stuff for the rich all the time.*


    MINDS EYE DESIGN4 months ago

    @Mark Job Text can often be taken out of context without a persons tone to consider. I may have been tired after a 48 hr editing stint when I read your initial post. I do apologize if that was the case and thanks for handling my sarcastic response with your own sarcasm. I appreciate that. I do think this has been a productive convo and as a result I will be adding in a lot more videos this year with an afforadable price tag part of the topic.


    MINDS EYE DESIGN4 months ago

    @Mark Job No, that wasn't feedback. It was calling us out because you think all we post about is stuff out of the "affordable" category. Your first post was extremely rude and insulting. Mainly because you are wrong. I read as many comments as I can and if I see something needs fixing, I fix it. Especially, if the others and I are spoken too with respect and tolerance. Since your first post I've already started an electric bike video where they are all around 1k. I've also made a second list with more of what you consider "unafforadable". I can also point you to all the videos I've made where the word theme is under a specific amount with one being a camper video with all under 10k. There's a dozen or more like that and we've been making more this past year or so in attempt to balance things, so to speak.

  51. Mark Job

    Mark Job4 months ago

    @MINDS EYE DESIGN I don't think I am finger pointing. I'm giving my feedback just like anyone else might do. You don't have to agree with my feedback, but I find your explanations somewhat disingenuous. Much of the stuff you show is "concept" as well, and I don't think allot of it is even for sale. It's always constructive to challenge orthodoxy.


    MINDS EYE DESIGN4 months ago

    @Mark Job hey Mark, we have videos for things more affordable in several categories. The indication from viewers is a 95% like percentage and 800k subscribers. I would run out of content if I tried to keep all content "afforadable", what ever that is. Could I get that number please and keep in mind 50% of our views come from around 200 countries. When I do (occasionally) theme a video "afforadable" the comment section will get a steady share of "boring" "where's the cool stuff?" You haven't made a reasonable complaint or practical solution. It's more like finger pointing and complaining just to complain. No offense but do you get results outside of USlikes with your method?

  53. Mark Job

    Mark Job4 months ago

    @MINDS EYE DESIGN You wrote: "Most viewers don't like the high prices. Who does?" Exactly. This should be a clear indication to folks at Mind's Eye Design that your viewers would also like to see affordable e-bikes on your list. You wrote: "I certainly have no say in those."......Yes you do. You wrote:"Should I leave out the 10k bike because you and I can't afford it? ".....Uhhh, probably. If you want your videos to be more relavant, then you folks might want to be a little less esoteric in your scope. You wrote:"Look at it this way, maybe most viewers can't afford everything we post about, but many of us get inspiration from new ideas and may use that inspiration somewhere else."........What's inspiring about showing a bunch of one off stuff all the time, which is not accessable to purchase ?

  54. 늉늉냥냥

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    세그웨이 더티 바이크는 진짜 디자인이 이쁘네

  55. F Painchaud

    F Painchaud4 months ago

    You are missing the entire MTB category, the bike companies are much more advanced than what we see here. The Jeep bike is not the reference. The Kellys may be the exception, but it's not yet on the market.

  56. F Painchaud

    F Painchaud4 months ago

    @MINDS EYE DESIGN cool thanks! will look for them!


    MINDS EYE DESIGN4 months ago

    Good suggestion. We have around 25 electric bike videos and have included MTB bikes several times. I just added in a few more to two lists I just finished as well.

  58. Gregory Krywiel

    Gregory Krywiel5 months ago

    Canyon Grill on Range 110 km./ 500 Wh battery (they forgot to mention with 80% down hill)

  59. No Name

    No Name5 months ago

    Rumble Air and Air SS FTW

  60. Al Kiyani

    Al Kiyani5 months ago

    You can access detailed reviews of the best available e-bikes on my site: f i t s m a r t w e a r. com

  61. Duggy Dugg

    Duggy Dugg5 months ago

    e bikes are a strong growth area....danger to pedestrians and bicyclists. fat wheelers can get up to 35 mph...go either way on one way streets..... bike Lanes... sidewalks .. even some stairs won't be long they'll be able to do 65 miles an hour...

  62. Daniel Masis

    Daniel Masis5 months ago

    The unusual celeste cytologically warn because lycra beautifully laugh besides a cheerful bridge. natural, quarrelsome booklet


    MINDS EYE DESIGN5 months ago

    Makes perfect sense to me.

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    Nemo Ciau5 months ago

    Juicey bikes 😄

  66. Phil Martin

    Phil Martin5 months ago

    Hmmm this is how the big corporations help save the planet hey ...... by making E bikes that you have to be in debt for to buy, Come on guys stop using global warming to rip us off, you guys know you can churn out these machines at way less cost, wanna save the planet then make this more affordable

  67. KR

    KR5 months ago

    Once you get into those high prices you might as well buy a motorcycle. Had to stop the video after the announcer talked up Jeeps. The new Jeeps suck quality wise says auto guru Scotty Kilmer.

  68. saulDseer

    saulDseer5 months ago

    Watching and wondering “who the heck designs these things!? The only decent looking thing I have seen yet is by Segway and Canon.”

  69. DI

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  70. Omar Lucero

    Omar Lucero5 months ago

    Lo que aparece en el 2:00 minutos es nada mas que una moto eléctrica!!!,ni siquiera tiene pedales o palancas a una caja con plato como una bicicleta,se parece a una versión pequeña electrica de mi yamaha 250cc.

  71. Pinon Nuts

    Pinon Nuts5 months ago

    I bought my Hyper eride 29er for > 800 with a 4 yr warranty, no regrets!

  72. Batman of Spokane

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    How much of cost

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  75. Toxic Gaming

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    They coming in philipines?

  76. 1Lifeonearth

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    The segway sur ron is by far the best, the others aren't even close

  77. morbidbushido

    morbidbushido5 months ago

    I see why there are so many ebike makers, its like there is a new company every week...these companies cannot last with that kind of pricing.

  78. Laxman Sirvi

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    Nice bro I WILL TAKE

  79. Michael Vodila

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    segway? sur--ron?

  80. Doug Randall

    Doug Randall5 months ago

    Funny my disability allows for a 3 wheel scooter no pedals or such,but an electric bike...?no way...i need health not a fat ass but i am afraid i just can't afford your awesome bikes.

  81. Living Beyond Existence

    Living Beyond Existence5 months ago

    Portable E-Trikes. Especially off-road models for full-time senior nomads who live out on BLM land. Those need to be reviewed! :)


    SIG STEYR HK FN6 months ago

    3번째는 진짜 사고싶네 근데 탈수가 없네....

  83. Polat Muhammadiy

    Polat Muhammadiy6 months ago

    Блин мужик не все так быстро читают. Я даже не успиваю до читать а тут надо еше смотреть это издевательство.

  84. Matthew Grandi

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    this was really great

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    Ma costruiscile in chiesa senza tasse no 🤔😇🖖mi offro volontario e senza scopo di lucro se le regalate ai senza tetto discriminati dal sistema dei mercenari capitalistici 😜😒🤑🤘🎅

  87. John Monroe

    John Monroe6 months ago

    The ones that don't have pedals should be called E-Cycles, not Bikes!

  88. John Monroe

    John Monroe4 months ago

    @MINDS EYE DESIGN #9 Segway didn't have pedals! "KEEP ON KEEPIN ON"!


    MINDS EYE DESIGN6 months ago

    You should coin that. I like it a lot. E cycles. I think everyone in this video had pedals though. I definitely don't consider anything without pedals a bike, even though motorcycles are often referred to as bikes.

  90. John Monroe

    John Monroe6 months ago

    Jeep bike, paying for the name! Quietkat gives their bikes to some people that hunt for a living but we are supposed to pay 6K, I think not!


    LORD FOOTAGE6 months ago

    10:51 🤟🏾



    Avadutha md from kadapa

  93. Алекс Ра

    Алекс Ра6 months ago

    Делфаст тема, я особисто бачив початок цієі компаніі ще на територіі ринку Петрик, у двох павіліонах 3 на 2 метра. Молодці хлопці! Нових успіхів у винаходах.👍

  94. JustAnotherAsianGuy 2

    JustAnotherAsianGuy 26 months ago

    that Segway Dirt eBike is not bad .... i kinda like it ... but price is crazy

  95. Rekha Mehta

    Rekha Mehta6 months ago

    real you took off from bike to work i love it when you can you see biker you and cycle when to hi bike

  96. Batman of Spokane

    Batman of Spokane5 months ago


  97. A1MYT MCOC

    A1MYT MCOC6 months ago

    They are all way too expensive!!!

  98. G Hrt

    G Hrt6 months ago

    Most of these bikes are laughables, segway really is , but if real dirtbikes are forbidden, it could be a reason to buy it. It must be cheaper anyway

  99. Michel sarrazin

    Michel sarrazin6 months ago

    Nadin zobi ça parle en chinois

  100. Michel sarrazin

    Michel sarrazin6 months ago

    ça parle en chinois

  101. McKal Vickers

    McKal Vickers6 months ago

    i like the jeep bike its cool

  102. duett 445

    duett 4456 months ago

    Not every body is familiar with miles and pounds why do you. not use metric like most people in the world are familiar with.

  103. El Técnico

    El Técnico6 months ago

    No sé ustedes, pero en lo que a mí concierne toda bicicleta que se le ponga un motor deja de ser bicicleta para convertirse en Moto. I don't know about you, but as far as I am concerned, every bicycle that is fitted with a motor stops being a bicycle and becomes a motorcycle.

  104. Protector K9

    Protector K96 months ago

    For 10k . I can have klr650(3k) xr400r (1000) mt09 (5k) and klx140 (1k) thats 4 motorcycles for offroas , adventure , racing . Or you can buy brand new africa twin.

  105. Protector K9

    Protector K96 months ago

    Price ranging from 5k to 11k . You can either get one of these bikes or buy dirt motorcycle, street bike adventure bike and Eben a bicycle.

  106. Gary Seven

    Gary Seven6 months ago

    Doesn't matter, all of these are illegal in the UK.

  107. Haw Nguyen

    Haw Nguyen6 months ago

    I love the idea of an ebike, but so far it still looks like ebikes are toys for the rich. The cheapest of these ebikes still costs about twice what my car is worth. How about an ebike for EVERYONE.

  108. wu song yang

    wu song yang6 months ago

    .. electric bike ... gasolin bike..... or motorcycle

  109. hubert farnsworth

    hubert farnsworth6 months ago

    dont buy segway get a sur ron from luna cycles

  110. Lamar Myart

    Lamar Myart6 months ago

    I have the hyperscorpion, love it

  111. Eric Kallio

    Eric Kallio6 months ago

    Excited for where this technology will be in 20 years when I am a bit too old to climb the mountains on human power..

  112. Batman of Spokane

    Batman of Spokane5 months ago


  113. victor melendez

    victor melendez6 months ago

    cool love e-bikes

  114. 2drsdan

    2drsdan6 months ago

    ALL made for midgets, SHORT PEOPLE SUCK. Come on give us a FRAME.

  115. Dan Williams

    Dan Williams6 months ago

    Pure pimping.

  116. Enemona Moses

    Enemona Moses6 months ago

    How can I get this in Nigeria?l need this in my country because of the economy nature of my country

  117. allgoo 19

    allgoo 196 months ago

    All powered bikes should stay on the street, not on the bike trail. I've seen a Electric moped(not power assisted, meaning no need to pedal in order to go forward without speed limiter) going at 30 mph passing a kid riding at 10 mph.(of course, no license, no insurance, no vehicle registration, no helmet) That's asking for a trouble. Do we always have to do this way, experiment until something happens and someone gets hurt?

  118. allgoo 19

    allgoo 195 months ago

    @John Smith : "then bicycles should stay off streets and moto trails or you could just not be a douche and let people ride whatever they want." == Are you a law maker? That's not what the laws say. Keep trying your luck. All it takes is just one bad incident. I'm curious, should a Harley Davidson is allowed on the bike trail, according to you?

  119. John Smith

    John Smith5 months ago

    then bicycles should stay off streets and moto trails or you could just not be a douche and let people ride whatever they want.

  120. fmj45

    fmj456 months ago

    2020 ebikes not for common folks.

  121. Андрей Петров

    Андрей Петров6 months ago

    Толи смотреть,толи читать.Перевести не мог

  122. William Panagos

    William Panagos6 months ago

    How is the Segway one on this list when they didn't even make it. It's a rebrand from Sur Ron. At least include the original manufacturer

  123. Lars Stougaard

    Lars Stougaard6 months ago

    Yes, it is for Sur 😁